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We are:
-Crafters, builders, hunters, warriors and (someday when it’s implemented) shamans
-Good aligned, but geared up for any trouble
-Welcoming to new players
-Welcoming to mature players
-Team players always willing to lend a tribe mate a hand

Redtail is made up of homesteaders who joined together right here in Xsyon. New members can expect to count and make a difference. Both established solo homesteaders and new players just joining the game are welcome. We have starter kits of tools, skill books, and essential stuff to help new tribe mates get started.
Language: English (one bilingual French-English member), or however you can make yourself understood
Time Zones: Currently North America time zones, GMT
Tribe News

Tribeland Secure

0sirrus, Jul 5, 11 7:23 PM.
July 6th 2011

With the recent introduction of gates in the latest patch.

I am now pleased to announce that the tribeland is fully secure. a big well done and thank you to Isis for all her hard work.

remember people: gate are not "useable" by none tribe members. so as long as we remember to shut the gats behind us, no none tribe people can get in.

Please remember to shut the gate on you way out :)

New Tribal Eldar

0sirrus, May 4, 11 12:31 PM.
4th May 2011

Congratulations to Balakafalata on his promotion to Tribal Eldar and on becoming the fifth member of the Tribal Council

Tribe Hieracrhy

Leader -         Periwinkle

LoreKeeper -   Jackelope

Tribal Eldars -   Inhabit

Inhabit Fastest in Orienteering Race

jemmus, May 2, 11 10:40 AM.
Inhabit proved the fastest of three Redtails and one Legion in our winter orienteering race.  The runners ran a pretty rugged course crossing mountain ridges to mid-1060, down to the road in southern 1059, then back to Redtail camp.  The winter conditions made the course more difficult, with snow obscuring landmarks and draining runners' stamina.  The best race times were pretty impressively blazing, considering the distance and terrain, at under 15 minutes.  Final results:  1st - Inhabit  2nd - Balakafalata (a close second, within 5% of Inhabit's time)  3rd - Isis  4th - keaa.  Congrats on the win Inhabit and well done everybody! 

At race finish, runners and at least one referee celebrated by smacking each other with axes, blades, and other implements of destruction.  Plans for more-organized events of inter-tribe mayhem are in the works.   Thanks to our Legion friends for joining us, and special thanks to Hallendra and Periwinkle for serving as referees for the race.  Looking forward to more tribe/alliance events in the future!

Redtail-Legion Alliance Formed

jemmus, Apr 20, 11 11:40 AM.
April 19 we joined with our friends Legion in a new alliance.  We expect the alliance to provide both tribes with benefits in trade, security, and good times.  Construction of a road between the two tribes' camps has already been completed.  Salute and good to have you as allies, Legion!    

Redtail Goes to Clan Size

jemmus, Apr 18, 11 10:41 AM.
Sunday April 17 we replanted the totem to transition the tribe from Band size (4-9 members) to Clan size (10-19 members).  This happened precisely two weeks (two very eventful weeks!) after we first set the Redtail totem as a Band.  Good job Redtail!  We communicated, showed up for a tribe meeting after relatively short notice, and again got it done.  As peri said in his speech, we've been moving in a great direction and are still headed that way.  
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